Online Jobs for Students

Brand House Offer the students to write their own MCQS, SAQS & Test Papers and Sell these papers Online at your own set prices. Its very simple to start your Online Job to Work from Home for extra income as you are not time bond or any other binding. Web App is designed to work equally on desktop, iPad or iPhone. Your MCQS, SAQS and Test Book will automatically optimized for Search Engine i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo etc from the information you provide while doing the data entry (so fill in all fields as the SEO data is taken from those fields).

  1. To start with your own work from home, visit and create your Account.
  2. Complete your account information so as to receive payment for your sold out Test Papers.
  3. Visit Mentor and select MCQS / SAQS to start working for your own data.
  4. When sufficient MCQS / SAQS are ready Create Your Test Book with appropriate title and description.
  5. Add MCQS / SAQS to your Test Book and set Your Own Price and your Test Book is ready for Online Sale around the world to unlimited number of people.
  6. Your Test Papers will be listed to all leading search engine, search matching your test book title / description is directed to your website page and offered to the visitor at your set price.
  7. Online purchase of your test papers at the end of month will be calculated and if credit is above PKR 1,000 you can ask for refund through Bank Account / Cheque or Online transfer through Skrill.
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