Brand Your Business

Creates an Image or Personality. A brand name can project an expectation of its performance and an emotion or feeling about it. A brand widely known in the market has brand recognition and builds up positive sentiment which further strengthens the company's position amongst competitors.

May Help Segment Markets. Virtually identical products could be sold in different distribution channels under different brand names and positioning.

Makes Purchasing Easier. After making a satisfactory brand decision for the first time, customers are likely to make repeat purchases without major reconsideration, a good brand speeds up shopping.

May Develop a Customer Franchise. Achieving brand loyalty among your customers will protect you from competition and give you greater control over your marketing mix.


Web Apps for Business

Web Apps for Small Business, Industry or Entrepreneurs looking to sell products on the internet. TurnKey Website & eCommerce Store from single product to large scale Brand Selling. Free to test our eCommerce Store, register yourself on and send us email request for Free Listing. 

List Your Product

List Your Product and Start Selling Online. If you are selling products without your Brand Name you have the option to Sell Your Products at following Store managed by Brand House.

Start Your Own Store

Sell Your Product Globally Under Your Brand Name. You can have your own domain name or get a subdomain under the most generic name for Made in Pakistan products at one of the following domains i.e.

Business Website

Customers may prefer to visit Your Website instead of visiting you in person to find out about Your Company, Products or Services. They will Expect to See Your Website, Contacts, Addresses and Your Email and other promotional materials. If your business not ready for ecommerce, Business Website could be good option for your Business / Services to grow everyday with best service to your clients /customers.

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Brand Your Business

Advertise & Market Your Business

A good brand name can make a big difference in your success. Your brand name may be the single most important decision you can make about your company, product or service name. Branding is Advantageous because it...

Brand name selection is still an art, but there are a number of general rules that should be observed. Your brand should help communicate something important about your product or service – like its core concept or reason for being. It should be short, memorable, pronounceable and distinguishable from competition. If you are involved in exporting, you need to be concerned with its foreign meaning (many firms have been embarrassed on this one). Once you have a great brand name, branding can make your promotion more effective and efficient. read more...

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